Module 1: Functions of Blood, Lymphatic and immune system of Human body

Author: Puneet Chandna MD(h.c.), PhD, FIET, FNCCN, MAHA

There are two LIQUID TISSUES in the body , Blood and the lymph (pronounced as limf).
Friends let us start with what is Blood and its functions:
-Blood is responsible for transportation go gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.
-Blood also transports chemical substances like hormones, nutrients and salts.
– Blood also transports cells that defend the body and we shall learn about this too as we go downstream.
– Blood Blood is responsible for maintaining a balance of all the body fluids. this means it helps in maintaining electrolyte balance, acids and its balance with base like substances and also maintains the temperature of the body.
– As it gets exciting from here let me share with you that the blood also protects the body from infection.
– It also protects the body from loss of blood by the action of clotting.

The study , diagnosis and treatment of diseases of blood and blood forming organs in called haematology, a word made from combination of word “Haemat/o” meaning Blood and “logy” that means study, hence meaning study of blood.

doctors of medicine professional who work in the filed of haematology are called as haematologists.

The blood system of the body is officially or medically called as the Hema-tic (pertaining to blood) like pertaining to automation in a common word, ” Automatic”. wish it is clear now.

This system consists of two components: Blood and vessels (blood vessels) that carry the blood throughout the body.

Now let us learn where and how the blood is formed in the body. This process of formation of blood in the body is called hemato(blood)-poiesis (meaning formation). this word may not be so important but another word connected with the hematopoiesis is important. this word is for a cell from where the formation of blood starts and this cell is called as Stem cell.

We all hear of stem cells in news and in various publications that talk about the stem cell therapy and its collection when kids are born or other wise she they are grown in the laboratory. i am sure there would be many questions around stem cells but please refrain your questions to cancers, else we shall loose the track. i hate to say no but you may ask the questions offline at my email or another No-Profit/ non commercial site

Well going forward blood is what is a very common and important part in diagnosis these days i would like you to understand the composition or in a layman way the different constituents of blood in the second module, as i do not want to overload you with
all information today.

however please do confirm in case we are going slow or too fast and if the language is simple. Based on your feed back i promise to alter my way to suit every member without being modest or mean.

Thanks for your patience.


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