New test to detect breast cancer

New test to detect breast cancer

New test to detect breast cancer


WASHINGTON:  A new study has revealed that breast cancer can be diagnosed early by detecting changes in the zinc in our bodies through a simple blood test.

Study conducted at Oxford University examined the techniques to analyse trace metal isotopes for studying climate change and planetary formation and then they applied them to how the human body processes metals.
For the first time in the history the researchers were able to show that changes in the isotopic composition of zinc, which can be detected in a person’s breast tissue, could make it possible to identify a “biomarker,” which was used to measure breast cancer.
Dr Fiona Larner of Oxford University’s Department of Earth Sciences said that it had been known for over a decade that breast cancer tissues contain high concentrations of zinc but the exact molecular mechanisms that might cause this have remained a mystery.
She further added that this research was the beginning of a whole new approach and to understand how different cancers have different trace metals and could enable them to develop both new diagnostic tools and new treatments.
The study is published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Metallomics. ANI

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