Top drugs in 2014

Its a true dr neel.

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A recent reuters article took a look at expected pharma sales trend in 2014. Avastin by Roche is expected to lead the pack, closely followed by two anti-arthritic drugs by Abbott and Pfizer.

Consensus sales forecasts for world’s top 10 drugs in 2014:
1. Avastin (cancer) Roche $8.9 bln
2. Humira (arthritis) Abbott $8.5 bln
3. Enbrel (arthritis) Pfizer $8.0 bln
4. Crestor (cholesterol) AstraZeneca $7.7 bln
5. Remicade (arthritis) Merck, J&J $7.6 bln
6. Rituxan (cancer) Roche $7.4 bln
7. Lantus (diabetes) Sanofi-Aventis $7.1 bln
8. Advair (asthma/COPD) GlaxoSmithKline $6.8 bln
9. Herceptin (cancer) Roche $6.4 bln
10.NovoLog (diabetes) Novo Nordisk $5.7 bln
As expected, most sales shall come from drugs against chronic and life style disorders.

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