CHUTZPA- the audacity to speak, slang or GUT as we use it daily

I am starting get convinced about the fact that learning a new word a day makes you wise and so would a new word make you healthy when you learn this word in connection with a word on health.

This thought gets me to wonder each day on each word i pick from the dictionary as in the past al, through my career that include words from latin and greek to describe medicine and human body conditions.

Well the word of the day , ” chutzpa ” pronounced as KHOOT-spuh, HOOT- could be used in a sentence , “i had the chutzpa to ask the presenter to end his talk sooner as he was already running over by 10.”

If i attempt to gather the chutzpa to link the word another slang GUT, it would sound deadly and mean intestinal part of the body to include large and the small intestine which i learned early at school that large is not pertaining to the length of the intestine by the diameter of these canals that open up at the lowest opening of our remarkable bodies. Yes the rect–m.

Getting the point the gut being part of the stomach or in specific we may be gutted or entailed by the malfunction in our actual body guts, fir it is believed that 80 of problems in the body start due to malfunction of gastric system.

Heartburns, constipation, heart trouble, diabetes etc to name a few chronic disorders. Hence, keep your GUT in check and control at all times through healthy eating and affective clearance every morning. A wise man once said, if you sleep tight at night and can ease yourself effortlessly in the morning, you keep doctor away for a very very very long time!

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