Word of the day is mirth- linked to holiday season too! Laughter is the best medicine

Mirth stands for gaiety or jollity, especially when accompanied by laughter: “the excitement and mirth of the holiday season.”

Not to forget my fellow blogger laughter is the best that shows up when you google psychology and worth mirth combined on the search engine. Reading about his/ her posts on humar health and ageing, i could not just stop following. Many would agree that its the best medicine.

Its is sad though, the best textbook on internal medicine calls it a trigger for asthma as one of the major factors besides the sultry and hot weather.

There are some disorders of the imprinting genes that we inherit from our ancestors and two syndromes like the PWS and the angel-man syndromes have their symptoms as inappropriate laughter. How would a laughter be inappropriate ever, may be they could have used the thesaurus and i am sure what they actually meant was,” howl – to mean -to utter a similar cry in distress, pain, rage, etc.; wail, but no way as synonym for laughter. It would be a shear insult.

Another place a vivid use in lateral sense of our word of the day, “laughter” is trigger of a symptom called as syncope. Now this one i actually agree with. Syncope is a sign of loss of consciousness briefly for about 30seconds to about a minute.

About 90 percent of people who suffer a hear disease ailment , including my nobel laureate guide Charles has reported describing a sudden fall at night when you get up to use the wash room, a typical symptom for immediate diagnosis or at least close to pinning down the culprit.

Many of us who have closed ones having gone through CABG (pronounced as cabbage) and medically means coronary artery bypass grafting or sometime open heart surgery is one of the major surgeries to talk about in the human body to include caesarean section to deliver a baby who might have attained a position in mom’s, difficult to deliver head down first.

Syncope is the major suspect and can be triggered by strong emotions such as intense feelings to make someone cry or laugh out aloud. Hence avoiding strong emotions after going under a major knife work may trigger intense emotion and can deteriorate a patients condition suddenly which could be a sudden knockout!

But by far i feel laughter is the best medicine.

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