Get Rid Of Fizzy Drinks To Keep Breast Cancer Away

Get Rid Of Fizzy Drinks To Keep Breast Cancer AwayHEALTH

If you are one of those who loves consuming fizzy drinks throughout the day, do away with this habit of drinking soda right away. The reason being is that over consumption of fizzy drinks increases the risk of breast cancer, reveals a new research conducted by Harvard Medical School.

The research further suggested that nearly half a litre a day of fizzy drinks result in early puberty and increases breast cancer risks in girls by 5% for each year they mature earlier, as per a report by the Mirror.

According to researcher Karin Michels, this study increases awareness about the high consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks among kids.

The scientists also reveals that owing to sugar added in fizzy drinks, the insulin concentration of the body shoots up. This, then, leads to higher concentrations of sex hormones, due to which puberty starts earlier.

The study further highlights that it’s important for girl to stop consuming fizzy drinks, instead they must start drinking a lot of water as it has it’s own benefits, concluded Michels. (Image:

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