Is it just privacy threat from mhealth apps or even the fear to, get judged with all sorts of illnesses that may not treat but sure leave with you a mental stressful condition!

mhealthPrivacy concerns are the biggest barrier to mHealth market, survey finds

Associated with healthcare, i could learn spanish , which helps all clinicians to decode the latin and greek we have in medicine language, if we can call it one. in simple works it is something a common, let me correct, a normal man cannot understand.

i am not totally against the web based portals or any advise we can have sitting at home over the desk and saves you from another car/ cab drive or simply the hardships when you are unwell to spend half a day to get yourself examined and then revisits and the like. this is what all persons (not patients) who come to seek medical help feel and are open to be seeking similar advise over the net like other e-commerce business that is raving off late.

To my surprise , on 3-4 leading medicare sites that i am associated as a Board certified specialist or medical professional or just a case solver, i do see many quick problem solving tips being hurled and there is a haste to pin down the problem by registered professionals, clinicians and all the more when the case is a paid ticket to earn you dollars.

i personally have seen the language to a dress, communicate and put across a suggestion to the illness is very crude and heart breaking. someone with a back paid may get an alert in the opposite time zone with words that are Ankylosing Spondilitis, systemic lupous erythematosus, Multiple sclerosis and many more bizarre scary and killing words.

I would close with a recommendation that the diagnosed and the reader should be careful that at the first instance we are mindful, human care and register a condition and nit always look for a diagnosis or say OVERDIANOSIS! Be mindful doctors may want everyone who comes to them be sick but i think if is difficult to ring the last man on the earth who wants to feel sick.

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