Lung cancer: Difficult to diagnose, difficult to treat, easy to prevent | Asian Tribune.

AceProbe – DiagnaAce Lung Panels-offers the first ever validated test validated on Indian population.

An improved understanding of the molecular pathways that drive malignancy in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has led to the development of agents (DUGS) that specifically target differences between normal and malignant cell.

The most useful biomarkers for predicting the efficacy of targeted therapy in advanced NSCLC are somatic genome alterations known as “driver mutations.” These mutations occur in the genome of cancer cells within genes that encoding for proteins critical to cell growth and survival. Driver mutations often impart an oncogene-addicted biology to the transformed cell, meaning that the mutated protein engenders reliance within the cancer cell to receive a signal from the driver in order to survive.

The best characterized of these biomarkers are EGFR mutations and ALK translocation. Identification of these biomarkers has led to highly specific treatments that have resulted in a major advance in therapy for tumors harboring these abnormalities.

Lung cancer: Difficult to diagnose, difficult to treat, easy to prevent | Asian Tribune.

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