Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Natural News Originally by By Toni Okeson

Frequent headaches? Putting on weight? Feeling down all the time? Have you thought that it’s not a mysterious illness, but simply your lifestyle? How about a change?

Drink lots of purified water

How much water do you drink every day? Do you reach the optimal amount of at least 2 litters? It is amazing how many people ignore this simple thing! Water is the essence of life. Keep this in mind and carry along a small bottle of water to refill during the day until you consumed at least 2 litters. It’s not as hard as it seems: it’s just a matter of practice.

Better yet, you can go for alkaline water. With different ways to make alkaline water at your disposal, and even special devices available on the market, it’s very easy to keep an alkaline lifestyle.

Get back to nature

The more sophisticated our lifestyle becomes, the worse it is for our health. If you want to feel better, fitter and happier, try to consume as many fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables as possible. With over 80,000 chemicals available in our world nowadays, avoiding them is not as easy as it might seem.

Get informed on the acid – alkaline balance and think about changing your lifestyle and diet so that it includes more alkaline raw organic vegetables, fresh fruit and smoothies. Replace those unhealthy soda drinks you used to consume on a daily basis with a smoothie and you will witness an amazing energy boost.

Less animal products!

Reduce the consumption of animal products to a minimum. While you should keep an eye on your diet and make sure you have a balanced one, including enough carbohydrates and fats, but no more than necessary, you should avoid the excessive consumption of meat and processed dairy products. Instead, try to include more veggies and fruits for a noticeable health benefit.

No refined sugars and processed starches!

This is where most evil things come from! Wondering why you are putting on weight? How about giving up sweets and have a sugar free life? Processed starches are no better. They are made in the lab, and it takes a lab to digest them. Go for a low glycemic diet if possible, and you will soon notice how good you feel with yourself and your body.

Shake it!

No diet can have good effects without a support system coming from a fitness routine. No matter which sport you prefer, just go for it! Work out at least a twice a week if you want to feel fit and be healthy.

Use natural skincare products!

If you want to have a good looking skin and a radiant face, you should think about all those chemical creams you put on. How about switching to natural skincare products? They will hydrate the skins without the nasty infusion of chemical elements.

Don’t stress!

Stress is the number one factor of illness nowadays. Creating a lot of acidity in the body, it disturbs your natural balance. So, how about some relaxing activities that would turn on the happy button and allow you to feel better?

Go to sleep before midnight!

When do you go to bed? It’s amazing! You don’t know when time fly and every night you end up going to sleep after midnight. You know yourself this is not good for your health. So how about leaving those urgent things for the morning? Instead of going to bed at 1 PM, wake up an hour earlier. You will certainly feel more energetic the whole day.

Have fun!

We all know: you cannot just push the button and say “have fun”. With all the stress around you, so many tasks to handle, when and how to have fun? However, you should remember to do it as this is another way to relax your body and bring some positive energy into your life.

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