Morning Break: Fifty Shades of Valentine’s Day — Dark Chocolate to Handcuffs


  • MedPage Today Staff 

 With Valentine’s Day less than 24 hours away, you might want to double-check that dark chocolate treat you plan to give your special friend or loved one who has a milk allergy. A study conducted by the FDA showed that many dark-chocolate candies contain significant amounts of milk, which isn’t always obvious from a read of the ingredients.

The latest right-to-die legal battle has begun playing out in California, where a woman with a history of relapsed/resistant hematologic malignancies has filed a lawsuit aimed at updating an 1874 law stating, “Every person who deliberately aids, or advises, or encourages another to commit suicide is guilty of a felony.”

A Kentucky couple who met because of a kidney donation are now expecting their first child.

A Filipina nurse diagnosed with MERS on her return home from Saudi Arabia appears to have infected at least 11 family members and hospital workers, the WHO said.

A Puerto Rican legislator has proposed an “obesity tax” for parents of obese children as a means of combating the territory’s growing epidemic of childhood obesity.

The movie Fifty Shades of Grey apparently has inspired amorous couples to engage in behavior that could endanger public safety, according to the London Fire Brigade, which reports a recent uptick in emergency calls to rescue people from locked handcuffs. The firefighters urged lovers inspired by scenes from the movie to keep the key to the cuffs nearby, so the brigade can rightly spend its time dealing with “real” emergencies.

Speaking of Fifty Shades, neuroscientists who have studied female sexual arousal are cautioning women to temper their expectations for the movie, given “overwhelming evidence” that women are far more responsive to textual erotica as compared with visual stimulation.

Child-bearing-age users of the acne drug isotretinoin (better known as Accutane until the manufacturer stopped making it) still do not have adequate information about the birth-defects risks and need for effective contraception, according to authors of a recent study. They call for an update of the iPledge information developed more than a decade ago.

A first grader with leukemia made a passionate plea for vaccinations.

mundane trip to the dentist turned into a potentially life-saving experience for an 11-year-old Oklahoma girl, whose dentist noticed a yellow hue in the girl’s eyes and urged the mom to take the girl immediately to a doctor, who ordered tests that identified a large, previously unrecognized pancreatic mass.

A lot of people were worried that HPV vaccines would lead younger people to have more and riskier sex, but a study found the opposite, reports Reuters.

If you have a wacko moment from labor and delivery, Buzzfeed wants you to share it, reassuring other parents that they aren’t alone in “losing it” during the birthing process.

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