magniloquent- speech and its affects

magniloquentA colleague made me notice this word of the day -“magniloquent” and posed a question, if it was connected with malignancy or cancer? Good news is it is not at all! Malignant Malignancy is most familiar as a characterization of cancer. A malignant tumor contrasts with a non-cancerous benign tumor in that a malignancy is not self-limited in its growth, is capable of invading into adjacent tissues, and may be capable of spreading to distant tissues. A benign tumor has none of those properties. Conversely magniloquent on the other hand means…

speaking or expressed in a lofty or grandiosestyle; pompous; bombastic; boastful. A medicine link of this word could be associated to:

Two major types of communication disorders are speech disorders and language disorders.

Speech disorders include impairments of articulation, fluency, and/or voice.

Articulation disorders are characterized by substitutions, omissions, additions, or distortions of speech sounds that interfere with intelligibility. Articulation disorders may be caused by hearing impairment, neurologic problems, apraxia, or structural defects.

Fluency disorder (stuttering) is an interruption in the flow of speaking characterized by atypical rate, rhythm, and repetitions in sounds, syllables, words, and phrases.

Voice disorder pertains to abnormal production of vocal quality, pitch, loudness, resonance, and/or duration that is inappropriate for the child’s age and sex. Voice disorders are related to misuse (excessive effort and force while speaking) or organic changes of the vocal mechanism.

interesting reads could also be found at the link below but is (Spanish) . happy reading!

“The Institute of Magniloquent Pedantry”


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