Gibe, Gybe, Jibe, and Jive-how moods affect your health

moodsAs your irritation mounts, you can feel your blood pressure rising. And that’s exactly what is happening to your body when you have an argument. The effects, it seems, can be lasting. In the week after the irritating incident, you just need to think about the argument and your blood pressure will rise again, according to research published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology. So if you’ve recently experienced a dispute, a seething irritation or a simple frustration, you could be best off forgetting about it.

Screening is defined as a brief, formal, standardized evaluation, the purpose of which is the early identification of patients with unsuspected deviations from normal. The ideal screening test should have established psychometric qualities (ie, validity, reliability, accuracy), be easy to perform and interpret, inexpensive, and acceptable to the child and parents.

There are several brief and accurate developmental screening tests that make use of information provided by the parents or direct observation or elicitation of developmental skills. Screening tests that draw on information that is reported by the parents may be more suitable for primary care than those that require direct observation or elicitation of developmental skills.

Screening for behavioral problems may facilitate the detection of developmental, as well as behavioral problems. Behavioral screening tests may be broadly or narrowly focused. Broadly focused screens rely on parent-, teacher-, or child-completed questionnaires that, when scored, have subsets that include multiple mental health categories to screen for a broad range of possible diagnoses.

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