Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bay

Yoga asanas to keep cancer at bayYoga took birth thousands of years ago in India but eventually lost its charm and recognition in the ultra modern world that we live in today. 
While there were period during which science of yoga could not get its due recognition, but the turnaround, though slow, is happening. In fact, for many years, the emergence of yoga as a true way of life was visible more sharply in west than in India.
Yog means union, and it is a formula that the sages and seers during ancient time gave us for the goodness of humanity. The research and development giants, who work on treatment of various illnesses like cancer, often question how yoga can cure or help in curing cancer.

The answer is, yoga may not completely cure cancer, but it definitely provides endurance, purification and relaxation, needed for a speedy and complete recovery. These miraculous benefits of yoga have now been well recognized and success stories are emerging from all corners of the society.

Let us understand how Yoga helps in defeating cancer!!

The cancer patients generally go through a difficult time while dealing with regular nausea and weakness due to chemotherapy, or discomfort during and after the treatment. The list of side effects that happen due to harsh treatment is also long.

Years of researches have proven that proper medication along with a person’s desire and confidence to survive can help uproot cancer. According to new findings, the chemo and radiotherapy works better on patients who have a will to survive. Famous Bollywood actress Lisa Ray is one such example, where she defeated a rare type of blood cancer through her true grit and determination- and proper medication. Cricketing superstar Yuvraj Singh is another fine example where the benefits of yoga helped him fight cancer and recover fast during post-therapy stage.

The practice of gentle yoga postures helps strengthen the muscles and joints, thus relieves anxiety, stress and fatigue. A relief from anxiety and stress, along with specific yogic exercises helps generate positive energy thus creating a balance between the mind and body. Tests and results have shown that daily practice of yoga have helped cancer patients with increased confidence, hope and ability to survive.

Yoga postures not only help in increasing the blood circulation but also provide oxygen to the cells in every part of the body. It also helps in controlling the blood pressure and heart rate.

The practice of breathing techniques like Alternate nostril breathing, Bee Breath and Meditation increases prana or the vital energy in body, which helps in bringing clarity, balance and harmony. With daily practice, the person feels rejuvenated and better prepared to go through the rigors of life as well as the illness.

Some of the gentle yoga postures that can be practiced are

Cat and Cow stretch
Come on your knees and hands. Hands perfectly straight under shoulder and thighs underneath the hips. Keep the spine straight from neck to tail bone. Tuck the toes, inhale, and lift the head up making a curve in spine. Exhale drop your head, round your back and suck your belly in. Practice 5 – 10 rounds concentrating on your breath. This sequence of cat and cow stretch makes the spinal and abdominal muscles strong and flexible and improves the circulation of blood and oxygen.

Supta Baddha Konasana
Bend your knees joining the soles of feet together and drop the knees down as much as comfortable. Lean backwards resting the elbows on floor. Flatten the back and bring your arms over the head in Namaste position. Close your eyes and breathe comfortably allowing your body to stretch This asana improves the breathing, opens the chest, and stretches inner thighs and relaxes the muscles of lower back.

Lie down on your mat with your back straight, legs open and slightly turned outwards and palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and relax your body like a corpse. You may practice abdominal breathing keeping the transitions gentle and slow. This asana is known for total relaxation of body and mind. It controls your blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature quieting your mind at the same time.

*NOTE – It is important to note that all the asanas can be modified and made easier with the help of props under the guidance of an experienced yoga trainer.

This article has been authored by Manisha Kharbanda, Founder, BrahmYog

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