Sacrifice is also a supreme form of love- Guilt, an emotion who’s marks cannot be erased, removed or eliminated.

GuiltWashing away your guilt , does this help you move on and around the most hurtful or saddest event of your life?? A real story that kept me away from the world but allowing me to rise to the light , to understand, the tests of life and being present in the world by just not, existing but by being present as, ALIVE in the real sense. Remember, sacrifice is also a supreme form of Love……

Well, its hard to believe and, even harder to accept, but is the only true. Washing away your guilt can actually help you to go around your deepest sad self and help you move on with life, saddest events, disgrace, feeling of rejection, remorse, and at times around people who you care for the most.

Friendships, relations, togetherness, marriage and even love, are what people can wash away by washing away their deepest emotion, THE GUILT. Now what is guilt? Guilt can mean an emotion that could stay in your mind as se sense of realisation of the rightfulness after you may have committed a wrong, harmed someone, played with someone else’s emotion, been mean, earned money in an unethical way, shown someone down to satisfy your ego or have committed an act of wrongful gains to your own self by putting others in trouble and causing them pain for sake of your materialistic earnings to stay where there are or grow with all it’s sham and shame.

This particular sense of GUILT, when it occurs? It actually occurs immediately after an act that you do and your ego or superego makes you realise of something not very good or normal you might have done. This could also be when you have just yelled at someone, shown a feeling of contempt for persons who are lower in any aspect that you or you might have remained silent and not reacted to your instigation or negative energy driving a negative argument to build up naturally.

Saddest part of this GUILT is that, we are living in an unnatural society, a world that we see only for ourselves and with self-praise we have always desired and always wished for at any cost. This even after, not long ago has officially found its place in the Urban Dictionary as a Narcissist behaviour, fails to attract our inner feeling of righteousness or say a secondary feeling of GUILT. Reason, we successfully, wilfully and with all our reasoning towards our materialistic possessions that we want to grow ever and ever, we continuously every day, every hour, every minute or when it strikes, we kill this feeling, in seconds. WE AT TIMES CALL OTHERS, WRITE TO THEM, STATE CLANDESTINELY THAT IT WAS THEY WHO WERE WRONG OR DESERVED SUCH BEHAVIOUR OR ACTION FROM OUR SIDE OR THAT, WE WERE RIGHT IN DOING SO, OR PLAIN WRITE OFF THE SELF GUILT BY TRYING AND PASSING ON THE GUILT TO THE OTHER PARTY AND BE CONVINCED THAT WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, UNDERSTOOD CORRECTLY, WISELY AND TRUTHFULLY AND ACTED CORRECTLY, YET AGAIN AND WASHED AWAY OUR GUILT. When we wash away this guilt it becomes easy for us to cheat, easy not to be bothered by others feelings of sadness we subject them too, to insult, to shout, to nag, to misbehave, to hurt and all the more to repeat it again and over again.

Having said that, there is another part of this phenomena, that is conjoined with another important and one of the most difficult things in this world to achieve or gains in ones complete life. This one of the most difficult things is to REMAIN CALM IN SUCH TIMES WHEN YOU HAVE A GUILT OF THE GIVER AND ALL THE MORE AS A NON GUILT WASHER. For it is also very difficult not to react, not to judge, not to perceive that others may be able to carry on when you may make it show down on them and when you do this the second best half of the argument has allowed to wash your guilt. In fact it hurts more, it is even more difficult to let others wash away their guilt and you do not respond, get charged, angry, irritated and do not share your angst, your anxiety, your courage to give back, clarify, try similar tact, try to wash your guilt or even not to think about doing so.


Brave and the first step of transcendence from the biological to the spiritual is to be rightly present and with doings difficult things, such as, allowing others to wash away their GUILT, help them move on and stay in your feeling of goodness of thought and energy of non-action still of a calm water body ready to bless and help others recover, even if it costs you your own self, making you an extraordinary person, ALIVE in the real sense.  FOR THERE ARE OTHERS WHO COULD BE BEING BRAVE WITH YOU!

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