There is only one way to live- it is to live daringly, dangerously and courageously.

daringLately some Ted talk discussions, led me to quickly download a book, “ Daring Greatly” by B Brown. No doubt this is a great book that actually helps understand not alone, how we behave, but also how we think and analyse situations around us. But there is More…..

It is a long belief that our thoughts that control or action, which in turn are controlled by our surroundings and the effect they have on us. Without contradicting the recitals on the books and the logical discourses we hear at the masses at churches or temples we choose to visit, we need to first agree that we find them good when we agree to what they teach. Conversely, we choose what we need and when we need, and in similar ways our miseries.

Weak as we are at the core and strong at the periphery in this narcissist, (where people feel they are the most import of all and are egoistic for their self praise) world around us.

Human mind can be the most destructive of all and world wars are the evidence. Many cons and preachers have tried for ages to help us train our minds to actually practice self-hypnosis or in other words to cope up with vulnerability. I agree vulnerability, brings shame and social rejection and many times depression when the hurt is deeper. Depth is a relative term though! You get heart the most when you cling on to things, harder.

As Giovanni shares in his famous book, “ How we think”, the rejection or failure to meet acceptance or when we are deprived of something we wish deeply, we meet shame or guilt. This guilt when we wash away, with reasoning, makes us feel calm and ready for the next show.

Guilt of not being able to do or guilt of having hurt someone is a great healer, but easy to adopt when we are convinced about what we did and had to do for correct or give ourselves incentives to help us cope up with this feeling of low and wrong.

However, this path to daily living and coping is very, very easy. Reason being that we are in some way or the other convincing ourselves to move on and to accept our actions, others actions and find reasons to prove or even ignore them for something that is as low as self-centred and self praise and justification through self-hypnosis.

Imagine, you have being nagging at someone, were rude, someone did not respond, someone did not care enough to call or tell you or even ask how you are when you are in pain. This feeling we often counter with judging people and quickly forming an opinion, derive their nature and real uselessness for us. This helps us move on in situations, helps us wash guilt, ignore when we like and even curse when we are sure of being subjected to misbehaviour or actually when there is also silence and no behaviour or action at all from anyone.

This thought as Buddha states is very easy to incept, easy to practice and easy to live through ever and ever, even if it is a bit difficult we get used to these miseries.

Question is, have we ever tried to live without judging, without washing our own guilt, given a benefit of doubt to the infliction, have we lived with the thought for long even after an unexpected inevitable gathering, at a funeral, of someone who was close to us, and is no more or is not going to be with us ever? Do we choose our miseries that are more agreeable to us, more easy to accept, situations that are easy to adopt and help us move on with OUR life?

For it is easy not to fool when you are alone, easy not to cheat when you are alone, easy not to react when you are alone, easy not to hurt anyone when you are alone and, easy not to get cheated when you are alone! There are some who do not react, share judge or do not have to wash their guilt with self-hypnosis, for they believe, they care, they are silent for you to assume judge and live in true sense of “ Vimoksha”, face the world which is materialistic and possessed, by possessions that can be robbed, stolen, defeated, abused, can be hurt and commonly agreeable , their bate, their false notions, their miseries and their disease.

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