Does your glucometer show readings with high variation of 40%? What to expect when you go for blood glucose monitoring? Fact that it may be erraticly high by 40% , now study confirms glucose levels, its variations given your day for you!

diabetes mealsClinicians worldwide urge and recommend that Diabetes is a metabolic disorder , one could keep in check and still, lead a healthier life. Conversely, much sooner an individual discovers his/her diabetic status, continues to have each sinful sweet effort, delivering guilt and life pacing the heartbeat after each fasting blood glucose monitor. scary as it gets each time, lets discover the facts about this testing that could be erratic, stressful and scary, for its inaccuracy. To find out read..

40% variations is what it get make you see in your home monitor (glucometer), Fasting and PP results after morning meals. The very thought, night before any monitoring or routine test day starts with a  subconcious fear that brews in mind and starts to play with the chemistry of body metabolism. as one gets closer to his/her’s last meal of the day to commence a fasting period essential for a blood test, you would agree, all saintly thoughts and genuine concern creeps into the mind.

Guided by this sanctimonious powerful temporary personality, we tend to eat less and eat the best that is low in calories, sweetness and also amounts that are far less than a usual daily last meal. There si another pack of diabetics who may want to skip meals, have smaller meal and keep this, self religious thought alive. it no doubt this self realisation and fluctuation delivers a great deal of satisfaction. Unfortunately, the metres and clinicians  DO NOT endorse this but may be too busy to ask you about your day, daily routine or what made things go wary when you both were doing fine with pills and exercise and healthy eating?

it may just not need another drug, another doctor, another expert or even another revolutionary technology but a small dedicated observance and a short year to change your observance and clear you thoughts about WHAT TO EXPECT AND WHEN TO EXPECT? OR can we say HOW TO EXPECT? Read on.

It is now clear that in case you fast and then test or eat less and then test for this trouble making chronic life style disorder, you must note that skipping breakfast would shoot up your  test levels to about 40% which may get you closer to a very high number e.g. you may be at 100 and you may see 140. i feel it is not 40% alone and, all diabetics know that 40 high at this level will kill all the enthusiasm, give them a low, a feeling that may not leave you for long or may be never with an extra pill for a lifetime, cutting deep into your pockets and overall being.

Check the article picture, eat as usual, be wise and happy, do not judge, know what you are testing and how it varies and MOST IMPORTANT spread and share on Facebook or all apps that holds us connected and live for our social needs that is becoming diabetic, sometimes with will and sometimes with what it shows..

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