Personal death clock- Pessimistic, Normal or Optimistic mode may actually help you live longer by about 35 years

death clockIt gives you the very chances you are waiting for to live stronger and healthier. The clock states that you may live about 30 years more if you are optimistic, Normal (healthy) may actually reduce it by about 10-15 years and worst the pessimistic approach may kill you in just couple of years. Try this OPTMISTICALLY and take home message would come to be live happy and optimistic- Always. Image (death

I came across this surprising site that talked about death and its timing. Sparingly when i fed the form that pops up on the screen, with Normal as the type it relieved me with the decades it predicted for me to live.

Surprised when i tricked it to reload and renter with personality type as pessimistic it predicted that i have only about a few years to live. at first it caused a great deal of depression and i felt that world has come to end for me, like the one you feel when you hear one night of a global economic crash or the company you invested posted a sorry mail of its bankruptcy for you to look, leaving a large chunk of investments waiting for a long court battles, killing you day by day or toe to toe in court.

Nevertheless, the good news came when i refreshed, reloaded and re-entered details with OPTIMISTIC (though i was not after the first two tries), it changed my thinking in just about microseconds. The clock started ticking backwards from decades in future to help arrive on the D Day, with almost 2 decades from when i was pessimistic surfer on the death clock and even the normal to optimistic was more that 2 decades.

I have created a motto on the sticky notes- app and pasted it on my dashboard which is bold enough for any passerby to dig into, with his curious life and watch, ” Hi friend you would be happy to know that i will live longer by almost 2 decades if i am optimistic- Would you”.

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