Cancer treatment can damage heart

BRCA 2This one we have been propagating since ages. Wish all doctors in a large setting or together to provide the best available treatment through evidence and experience of any adverse events. Read through the excerpts of the latest news that covers the doctors -Now also agree. Cancer treatment and Heart.

TNN | Aug 9, 2015, 03.49 AM IST

Many cancer medicines and radiotherapy have been linked to heart damage. Having established this link, cardiologists suggest continuous and regular monitoring of heart functioning during cancer treatment. This can help pick up any damage to heart muscles or valves at the earliest possible time, making it possible to arrest or even reverse the damage.

It is a known fact that some cancer medicines, especially those used for treating breast cancer, are known to be harmful to the heart. While many of the drugs are known to damage heart muscles, effects of radiation can harm the heart valves.  “A technique called strain imaging can help pick up even the earliest signs of heart damage,”

In our experience “Radiation on left side where a surgical procedure like mastectomy  is performed is more vulnerable to be harming the heart in case of radiation. Even the reconstruction is not advisable. Please read this through and through and post any questions you may have.” endyourillness

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