Global Warming and Cancer- Skin Care and apps that could be handy and make you beautiful skin ready

Global WarmingMany multicounty, multi-country “Pew” surveys have sparked off for over a decade regarding Global Warming. Cancer remains the largest and the costliest killer of all times for the Govts. across the globe and many who fear cancer as a death sentence. Learn what the experts have to say on the environment issues as, leading causes of Cancer.

A recent Govt. report confirms, “global warming could lead to an increase in both cancer and mental illness worldwide, and it calls for more federally funded research to determine how that might happen.”

National Institute of health have been amongst the first few to realize and release the warning and health impacts to include:

  • Increased exposure to toxic chemicals, known or suspected to cause cancer, that are released into the environment following heavy rainfall or flooding and by increased volatilization of chemicals under conditions of increased temperature
  • Depletion of stratospheric ozone leads to an increase in UV exposure and temperature, increasing the risk of skin cancer and cataracts.  Alternatively, an increase in exposure to UV radiation can lead to elevated levels of Vitamin D, which has been associated with a decreased risk of some types of cancer
  • A decline in air quality and rise in concentrations of certain air pollutants increases the risk of lung cancer.

WHO states, “Strictly, stratospheric ozone depletion is not part of “global climate change”, which occurs in the troposphere. There are, however, several recently described interactions between ozone depletion and greenhouse gas-induced warming.”

 Government scientists from several agencies—including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency—claim that “higher ambient temperatures” caused by global warming will increase cancer rates and catastrophic natural disasters as the world warms will create stress and anxiety that lead to mental illness.

The rather comical details are outlined in report (A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change), justifying the need to keep researching climate change, issued by the National Institute of Health. It claims that global warming has become one of the most visible environmental concerns of the 21st century and that climate change endangers human health and affects all sectors of society, both domestically and globally.

Its becomes increasingly important to share this information from an Australian group that talks about all ultraviolet ray ricjh countries and people with light skin.

What can you do?

Going green and living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle is a good first step, but it is also important to engage in the debate with the companies, government and institutions who are making decisions everyday that affect greenhouse gas emissions.

As for your personal risk, the good news is that skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer in Australia. Environment change makes it more important than ever to check the UV Alert each day at the SunSmart website, on the SunSmart app for iPhones or in the weather section of the daily papers and when it’s three and above, use sun protection. By making sun protection part of your daily routine, you can protect yourself from this deadly disease.

We will continue to monitor new research on the link between climate change and skin cancer so subscribe to our blog today and keep informed!

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