Screening tests types and outcomes

screeningScreenings tests are essential for primary health goal and for prevention of diseases. The evidence that testing and intervention are practical and also effective drives them. Learn what the inexpensive and the readily available tests have to offer.

 Screening tests could be imaging tests, biochemical; or physiologic in nature. Physiological tests include their types such as blood pressure monitoring, growth chart evaluation and various risk calculators available to physicians and patient’s online- some effective and others only destructive.

 Biochemical tests for screening include cholesterol, glucose monitoring and its near sister imaging counterparts such ads mammograms or bone densitometry test to dig the match of cancer and old age bone diseases.

Genetic (Gene DNA evaluation) is catching up and offers not alone some BRAC1, BRCA2 or even cardiac abnormalities and risk factors to be picked. Also these promise some nutrition goals after a profile is indicated for a seeker to guide a successful diet and good health plan.

 Rigorous evaluation is a must for all new and tests that are becoming redundant due to cutting edge research evidence and need to be evaluated for its sensitivity, specificity, impact on the disease and its cost effectiveness overall. Reasons, that advanced and latest complete whole body screening test that anyone may be subjected to, may be appealing however, not complete or absolute to pick up any or all ailments well in time, BUT may also be costly and have high false positive rates.

 To ones surprise the most effective screening tests when applied to relatively common disorders have fewer or less benefit if applied to rare disorder that do not carry a huge burden of the disease. See table below:


Lifetime cumulative risk

Breast Cancer for Women


Colon Cancer


Cancer of the cervix for women


Domestic violence-women

Up to 15%

Hip Fracture in women


 So what to expect and seek??

 Primary goal of screening is the early detection of a risk factor or disease at a stage it can be corrected or cured.

 Example: Early hypertension detection or similarly for hyperlipidaemia may allow interventions of therapy that may reduce the chances of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular events.

 We shall be discussing one such online calculator for potential risk delivery and risk involved with it. For anything on the net can be published without any stringent review or scrutiny for its effectiveness or in fact the danger it may pose for a nervous health conscious individual.

Remember screening is not diagnosis and prevention can cure or early intervention can help sideline a chronic or acute ailment before it manifests as a disaster. Thanks for reading…

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