hIoFqV14429877055 Ways to Help Grow New Brain Cells. This is making the NewsMax trailblazer today!

First of all, make sure you get 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate. Research indicates this will help increase the size of your hippocampus and benefit your memory, attention, and other cognitive functions.

Second, eat less! Research also indicates that simply eating less (reducing calories by about 30%) stimulates a gene that produces your brain’s growth hormone, called BDNF.

Third, activate your body’s internal antioxidant system. Eat more broccoli, turmeric or curcumin, green tea, and resveratrol, a compound found in red wine. Plus, avoid artificial additives and hydrogenated fats in foods.

Fourth, live a positive life with spiritual influences such as prayer or meditation. Avoid negativity, such as you usually see in your typical nightly newscast.

And last but not least, stick to a healthy eating plan such as a Mediterranean diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains — with little red meat or added sugars. Choose organic food when possible, along with healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil.

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