Underlying genetic mechanisms of Obesity and weight loss!

Gen_polymorphism_obes_riskA variable genetic component is always associated to Obesity and its many causes. Obesity may be caused by single-gene mutations or by various diseases (such as damage to the ventromedial hypothalamus) in subjects in whom obesity is otherwise not likely to occur.

Amongst genetic disorders, the less discussed ,Prader-Willi syndrome is a neurodegenerative disorder that is caused by genetic abnormalities position of a persons long arm of  chromosome 15. A mutation called as deletion of ones paternal DNA in this region and a copy of the dna is deleted to dis associate you from rest of the folks who mainly have two copies of maternal chromosome 15 (uniparental disomy).

A far more gross disorder called as,The Bardet-Biedl syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder that has been characterised and recored for its linkage to obesity. it also harps upon in ten body to cause several other abnormalities, including microorchidism in men, intellectual disability (mental retardation), retinal dystrophy, polydactyly, renal malformations (particularly calyceal abnormalities), and polyuria and polydipsia! God Bless!

Protein called as Leptin is produced by leptin gene named after it. My early endeavours of research with, Institute of Nutrition to cell for the possible epigenetic changes (pathway), that Leptin, signals the brain about the quantity of stored fat. Some others confirm the correlation between serum leptin concentrations and body fat content in humans is approximately 0.8. This and other observations have led to the suggestion that, with increasing adiposity, resistance to the action of leptin occurs, blunting the negative feedback “adipostatic” signal to brain centers to reduce energy intake..

Reproducing an up to date resource, ” An increase in body fat (both visceral and nonvisceral [subcutaneous]) requires that energy intake be increased over energy expenditure over an extended period of time.” This could be the reason whey people who start exercising and burn a lot of fat everyday also increase their intake, keeping them at large and not loosing at all after some time.

Its well understood that , this a feedback mechanism between energy intake and expenditure, a mechanism that tends to maintain body weight. However, you gain weight with an increase in energy expenditure which retards further weight gain, whereas weight loss is associated with a decrease in total and resting energy expenditure, a change that retards further weight loss. Happy losing and staying healthy..

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