Study finds 33 percent of adults recently diagnosed with asthma do not have it


“Doctors wouldn’t diagnose diabetes without checking blood sugar levels, or a broken bone without ordering an x-ray”. Learn quick facts about Asthma.

What i need to know about asthma? — Generally known as a condition that makes it hard to breathe. It may not always cause symptoms. However when symptoms occur, they can leave you scared as Asthma attacks happen in the airways lungs may become narrow and an inflamed Asthma can run in families.

Some common symptoms of asthma include:

Wheezing or noisy breathing


A tight feeling in the chest

Shortness of breath

These symptoms can occur each day or weekly. They may be even less often as spread over a week during specific weather conditions we often them to. Many people complain and define the symptoms to be of mild to severe intensity. It is however a  very rare in occurrence , that an episode of asthma can sometimes lead to death.

How do we investigate if one is suffering from asthma? — Doctors usually confirm the diagnosis from you reporting your symptoms. These may accompany tests for breathing which can help evaluate the working capacity of your lungs.

What could be an ideas treatment? — Yes there are a range of medicines one can seek through doctors visits. Inhalers, liquids, or pills are some usual prescriptions. Doctors prescribe medicine suggest these to be consumed or used depending on your symptom severely or on SOS basis.

The medicines have essentially two ways to work on this chromic or temporal ailment you harbour.

  • Some medicines provide an immediate relief is asa about 10-20 minutes of their consumption. On the other hand inhalers provide almost a flashing relief almost immediately. Some other supreme forms of inhalers are Nebulisers that help you take medicines through respiratory administration that is direct into the airway.
  • Chronic as we call some patients have this form of asthma may need regular medications over a long time. This frequency is often once a day or even twice a day.


an important instrument or test that is often used is the  “peak flow meter.” blowing into this device raises a small arrow on the meter scale attached to the device to reveal the capacity of your lungs. You may have to use the flow meter at home under consultation wth your doctor along with the inhaler he/she may have prescribed for you.

One must follow up with a doctor on the medication being prescribed at say an interval of every 4-6 months to see if your disease are to be adjusted and also if your medicines are working affectively on you.

There are FOUR pearls to treat Astha in majority of settings in clinics today. The four essential management principles are: routine monitoring of symptoms and lung function, patient education, control of trigger factors and amelioration of comorbid conditions, and pharmacologic therapy.

Many general conditions, may be food and also environment conditions are termed as trigger to the condition of Asthma to come back again, enhance your symptoms or cause asthma with constant exposure to: 


Animals, such as dogs and cats

Pollen and plants

Cigarette smoke

Getting sick with a cold or flu (that’s why it’s important to get a flu shot)


Stress is one major cause of all cause of rise in many chronic or life threatening diseases that may take a while or say few years to develop. stress in internal physiological or psychological feeling and can also be a physical external stress related to environment around you. Hence live a planned life and consider breathing excercises as part of your daily warming up even if you are unable to step out for a walk or a regular exercise course.

Source: Study finds 33 percent of adults recently diagnosed with asthma do not have it

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