Module 1: Functions of Blood, Lymphatic and immune system of Human body

4th February is World Cancer Day!


Author: Puneet Chandna MD(h.c.), PhD, FIET, FNCCN, MAHA

There are two LIQUID TISSUES in the body , Blood and the lymph (pronounced as limf).
Friends let us start with what is Blood and its functions:
-Blood is responsible for transportation go gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.
-Blood also transports chemical substances like hormones, nutrients and salts.
– Blood also transports cells that defend the body and we shall learn about this too as we go downstream.
– Blood Blood is responsible for maintaining a balance of all the body fluids. this means it helps in maintaining electrolyte balance, acids and its balance with base like substances and also maintains the temperature of the body.
– As it gets exciting from here let me share with you that the blood also protects the body from infection.
– It also protects the body from loss of blood by the action…

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