There’s been 10 cancer cases in my non-toxic workplace in the last 30 years. Is this a reason for concern for current employees?

538587-depression3Cancer is a result of genetics , lifestyle or environment.

When we say lifestyle its the food, eating and sleeping habits in general. Stress also plays an important rile. By environment we mean is the air, water and pollution. Genetics makes one more prone to developing cancer however the incidence still is low and one can come over this by the other two factors. I do nots ee also a bad luck or by chance that this may have happened as the other other two factors are very important.

Unless there is a second hand smoke, water or your environment around the workplace nearby units etc, you must just spend more time in awareness and also may be if your region suggests report the matter to a local cancer registry and they would also access it with their angle of search wit type and stage of cancers being reported.

Wish it helps.

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