What is the ideal diet for thyroid patients?

Know what thyroid disease is and what the gland does. Thyroid gland makes thyroid hormone, which controls how the body uses and stores energy.

Thyroiditis is a condition that happens when a gland in the neck called the thyroid gets inflamed. If you have thyroiditis, your thyroid gland leaks large amounts of thyroid hormone into your bloodstream. This causes a condition called hyperthyroidism. That is the medical term for too much thyroid hormone. Hyperthyroidism lasts only until the thyroid hormone stored in your gland is used up.

After that happens, you might not have enough thyroid hormone in your bloodstream. This causes a condition called hypothyroidism. That is the medical term for too little thyroid hormone. But once the inflammation goes away and you thyroid gland heals, it will start to make thyroid hormone again.

Many different things can cause thyroiditis, including:

●Problems with the body’s infection-fighting system, called the “immune system.” If your immune system attacks healthy cells, including cells in your thyroid, it is called an “autoimmune response.”


●Medicines or radiation


Hence one should first try and make the immune system strong. This is done by eating a lot of leafy vegetables and also citrus juices such s lemon, orange etc.

Iodine: Iodine is a vital nutrient in the body and essential to thyroid function; thyroid hormones are comprised of iodine. While autoimmune disease is the primary cause of thyroid dysfunction in the United States, iodine deficiency is the main cause worldwide. Iodised salt in cooking however has addressed these issues considerably.

Hyperthyroidism, particularly Graves’ disease, is known to cause bone loss, which is compounded by the vitamin D deficiency commonly found in people with hyperthyroidism. This bone mass can be regained with treatment for hyperthyroidism, and experts suggest that adequate bone-building nutrients, such as vitamin D, are particularly important during and after treatment.

You guessed it right one should have eggs regularly and also be in mild sun for a few hours in a week if possible.

Vitamin B12 has faintly been also associated wit Thyroid function and in case of vegans one must supplement with vitamin B 12.

Wish it helps.

Do read: http://www.todaysdietitian.com/p…

Source: Puneet Chandna’s answer to What is the ideal diet for thyroid patients? – Quora

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