Doctor Makes Shocking Discovery: 97% Of Terminal Cancer Patients Have Had THIS Dental Procedure..

This may, in fact, be the “root cause” of so many chronic diseases. In this enclosed environment, the bacteria will begin to change shape, producing many potent toxic substances. What’s worse, no amount of sterilization seems to reach these networks of tubules, meaning that nearly every root-canaled tooth is a breeding ground for infection.

Chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are becoming increasingly common in the developed world, despite the tremendous amount of money being invested into researching their cures. About 100 years ago, though, a scientist and doctor made a surprising discovery in connection with a common dental procedure… Which one? The root canal. Researchers have estimated that over 40,000 people are receiving root canals procedures every day in the United States, making for more than 25 million root canals every year. For being such a common procedure, it’s also relatively poorly understood by the average person: Essentially, teeth that have been root-canaled can become toxic cesspits for anaerobic bacteria, with a chance of leaking into your bloodstream many years later. These toxic teeth can seem perfectly normal, even while being the source of disease; this makes the issue even harder to trace back to its source. Why aren’t dentists more aware of the

Source: Doctor Makes Shocking Discovery: 97% Of Terminal Cancer Patients Have Had THIS Dental Procedure..

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