What are the most interesting developments currently happening in medical science?

SciFiInternet of Things caters to the major innovations and is likely to support most f the modernisation in the near future of medicine.

Genetically Engineered Babies through embryo gene editing has tater its first scientific leap in the United States last week, to speak of the major step in this area of science.

Besides gene editing , Immunotherapy is on its way more aggressively with a promise of inhalation of many chronic disorders including aggressive forms of many cancers that are resistant to Chemotherapy and Radiation that has been the mainstay in cancer treatment.

Dashing from here we can safely call for all praises to the Nano Robots, a group of nano molecules that would find its way directly onto the sites and BigC to heal without taking pills, paving the way for a safer, less toxic treatment through these novel vehicles of blood stream.

Cognitive intelligence and data analytics are all wired to support decision making through complex and well designed algorithms that can now assist in deliberation of the bets available therapy through evidence across populations and studies and are helping to make informed decisions for many deep-rooted and difficult problems that clinicians have at hand. May be even better diagnosis and better therapy in many cases have been confirmed through projects across Watson and may other similar super docs in a hard attire.

The Scientific Medicine Landscape is now carefully hods a clear display for the next 2 decades to work for better, cost-effective and treatments that work.

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