How do we cure a dry throat?

STA variety of lozenges (cough drops) containing topical anesthetics are available to treat throat pain or relieve dryness. Lozenges may persist longer in the throat than sprays or gargles and, thus, may be more effective for symptom relief.

Other treatments that may help with throat pain include sipping warm beverages (eg, honey or lemon tea, chicken soup), cold beverages, or eating cold or frozen desserts (eg, ice cream, popsicles). I know these can be controversial but its usually individualistic when you have cold beverages during sensitive throat conditions. Nevertheless, please note if you have seen someone with acute tonsillitis, they are prescribed with such foods to help healing.

Health food stores, vitamin outlets, and internet websites offer alternative treatments for relief of sore throat pain. We do not recommend these type of treatments due to the risks of contamination with pesticides/herbicides,inaccurate labeling and dosing information, and a lack of studies showing that these treatments are safe and effective.

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