I suffer from audio and visual hallucinations, I’m under 16 and consume no harmful substances, am relatively healthy, could it be anything serious?


Simple visual hallucinations include images of unformed light, geometric shapes or designs. Complex visual hallucinations are formed images of people, animals, or scenes.m

●Etiologies of visual hallucinations include retinal disease, migraine, vision loss, neurodegenerative disease, alcohol and drug use, psychiatric illness, and toxic-metabolic encephalopathy.

●Clinical features that help distinguish among etiologies are simple versus complex content, monocular versus binocular involvement, insight, and associated symptoms

One must see a doctor to evaluate and isolate any of the bleh reasons as a cause:

Retinal pathology

Vision loss, release hallucinations



Dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson disease

Alcohol withdrawal

Peduncular hallucinosis


Psychiatric illness

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