Is it necessary to get cervical cancer vaccination done?


This is a very sensitive query that i have been working with for around over 10 years in my professional course. You would have many cervical cancer international publication on testing and vaccination for HPV causing cervical cancer.

HPV i am sure you would know stands for Human Papilloma Virus. I wanted to reiterate this for reasons that maya times we are not aware of whats the virus forms are hence with you allowance, i move on to write:

HPV has strains of the virus (Kind of types). These are classified into high risk strains or low risk strains and act as per their names to be causing cervical cancers.

There are over 100 high risk strains of tai virus and number 16 and 18 often referred to as HPV 16 and 18 are the ones that are believed to be most common in worms worldwide. there are other however 16 types of high risk HPV types that are involved;ved in most cervical cancers.

There are vaccines that do not target all the strains. one latest one is 9 talent which earns it targets 9 of the 15/16 high risk major strains. from a prevalence point of view it may also mean that the vaccine covers about 85% of the risk types and from another that you are protected for only 9 strains.

Cervical cancer is an STD by many means of its existence and these HPV viruses due y6o the makeup of the female reproductive system usually helps clear the virus for over 80% women by itself. I am sure this will also give you insights.

lack of hygiene and multiple partners may be pone risk factor that is higher that having the vaccine. I would rate awareness more than the vaccination due to this reason. Guidelines have evolved for this cancer and also for ovarian cancer that is hall paste below for all women out there.

The incidence as reported in many countries now is that the cervical cancer incident is going down. One may ow it to screening, vaccination or just awareness but worldwide its incidence is down.

Guidelines clearly depict the pap smear test and HPV test with vaccination shovel be performed in various age groups but keeping in mind the practise setting. I would not likely screen or vaccinate all women coming in or subject that to a pap smear or HPV test. History, sexual behaviour and hygiene would be the main factors, else all may be good throughout the reproductive or HPV life cycle.

With it helps. Do ask about ovarian cancer screening, hysterectomy and TVS (Internal Ultrasounds).

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