Which treatment is best for restless legs syndrome?

RLSThis is not a medical advise, however RLS or the Restless leg syndrome generally does not need any specific treatment. Treatments if required are to be discussed well with a n experienced physician.

Restless legs syndrome, or RLS for short, is a condition that causes strange sensations in your legs. RLS is also sometimes called “Willis-Ekbom disease.” If you have RLS, you probably have the urge to kick or move your legs at night. This can wake you up or make it hard to sleep.

In some cases, RLS happens on its own and seems to be passed on in families. In other cases, the condition seems to be linked to other medical problems. For instance, a condition called “anemia,” in which there is too little iron in the blood, seems to increase the risk of RLS. Other conditions that increase the risk of RLS include kidney disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Pregnancy seems to increase a woman’s risk of developing RLS, too.

People with RLS do not need medicine for it because they have mild symptoms that don’t bother them very often. If treatment is needed, there are a number of medicines doctors can suggest. Examples include:

●Iron supplements





●Gabapentin enacarbil



Please visit your doctor and do not self medicate.

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