Is cancer a hereditary disease?

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Many a time people confuse between genetics and heredity when it comes to cancer. Cancer is a molecular disease at the level of DNA sequence that holds the story of most processes including case of cancer.

Reasons that DNA is contain in cells, and DNA has mutations that are alterations of the sequence and hence alteration it cells functions. The Dam Sequence, Goes we inherit from our parents often become a part of inheritance or also called as germ line variants and together as inherited functionality of a cell.

These when talked about in cancers cause gremlin cancers like ovarian and breast cancer mainly. One must have definitely heard BRCA genes and their relation to cancers in women.

We inherit hemlines mutations from our parents and these increase our susceptibility or increases our risk to develop cancer that have a gremlin cause.

PLEASE NOTE , these however are not for sure causative of cancers, they only increase your risk. This risk for all cause probability due to genes in about only 10–15%.

The erst of the game changer is due to to environment and lifestyle. I am sure many would not agree as professionals but psi is a fact and evidence pertaining to this has been severally reported in large studies, but remains hidden to to reasons unknown.

Eating healthy and pricing good healthy food habits always and usually keeps all forms of cancer away.

Please help create awareness around this and share across your network to get the right news across.

wish it helps.

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