Livers: What should be a recommended diet, workout and lifestyle for a patient suffering from Hepatitis/Jaundice and while recovering from the disease?

jHepatitis / Jaundice. I perceive that you are talking about hepatitis that causes jaundice? Right? Well of so my opinion is as under:

It is not only hepatitis that causes jaundice. Jaundice is a word derived from word yellow which mean that your skin and eyes appear yellowish.

I do agree that one cause is Hepatitis B or its other types. B and E are caused by water usually. Having clean water is essential to star with.

One should avoid Fatty foods and have the cholesterol in check.

A PTT test may be done in cases when people have low haemoglobin or have heart ailments especially those which need a blood thinner. PTT is the clotting time that directly affects the jaundice.

In some miraculous forms to be treated one should avoid proteins in great quantity that we get from Nonvegetarian food and also this accompanies cholesterol for many asians and people from developed countries cannot consume raw meat and need marination and frying and cooking for longer period. More so because it is difficult to digest and also lacks any finer. However fats in many meats are abandon especially red meat.

You will be surprised to note that particular vitamin called as K2 7 is also responsible for jaundice. this is to be selectively diagnosed at expert hand s and treated. We treat some severe forms like stated above. Check testimonials at> testimonials page.

Wish it helps.

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