What is the most shocking truth about the disease ‘cancer’ that everybody should know especially the younger generation?

spinabifida-walk-21This makes a job easy and also difficult. Easy as most of the things people know about what causes cancer and difficult for the reason that no-one likes to her truth.

About the first query you may ask anybody, I mean even a child and the level of awareness is astonishing. The child would say tobacco. Yes , tobacco is one single largest cause of all can use cancer of early and late life. It’s also true that you may have cancer for chewing or smoking tobacco in a short span of time. However trying to see as to on which side of the risk profile you are is suicidal.

More and more evidence has been showing up continually around the aftermath and effects of food and environment we have around us. Getting polluted and abused each day is what we are subjecting to ourawlves. Be it good that is even raw salads or processed grub that is available on the go, all have harmful effce A and many die to the ingredients and pesticides etc.

lifestyle and Food are almost made for each other when you quote them for their cancer causing effects. Besides the exotic food, a social obligation to mingle with agalss of wine has become a norm for most, else people feel they are outcaste and dull.

Red wine  and red meat  are both causative of your risk burden to get from very minuscule levels to very high levels of stress on the body to cause cancer.

One should also remain a ware that m, other than a few cancers that are sporadic or show up in the body alarmist suddenly most of them take years to form and grow to a proportion that is visible as a symptom or a cystic growth worth following up.

Keeping heathy, mentally and physically are the forts two tips I have for all young out there. There is a compelling need to perform and surpass, but due not let it effect your mental health. One major reasons for people who do not have vices but are at stress all the time are likely to also contract. Anger at some stage of their life. Look around and you will understand what I am talking about.

One can eat or part occasionally but give it a check, your bowel movements, your headaches, your energy and also do not ignore alarms that your body gives you. Do not exceed the lights of caisson and one can come back and restart a healthy life anytime and enjoy a longer successful life that is cancer free!

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