Do chillies cause cancer?

WalnutsAn early 2017 study reported that Chillies could help beat cancer as research finds capsaicin destroys diseased cells.

However one must note that in several cases when the excess behaviour crosses the moderation, gastric problems take a form and can promote some forms of cancer such as GIST or may be CRC in patients who have a progressive bowel disease etc.

Studies to demonstrate an activity of ingredient or composition is always good to hear. However all these products or constituents do not work in isolation. Trials and studies must be carefully referred to and all attempts shod be made to take a healthy food without excess of anything as this may cause a GUT toxicity if not hepatic enzymes to spike and cause a chronic symptom to surface.

Please note often cancer takes years to develop say about 10–15 years unless sporadic which is only hormonal in most forms.

happy eating and healthy living.

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