There is more to life after COVID – COVID-19 Patients Are More Likely to Experience Depression, Anxiety, and Dementia

Statisticians all around the world have been busy recording and preparing charts (monthly, weekly, and daily) to track and monitor the rise and spread of the Coronavirus across states in the present worldwide pandemic.

Unfortunately, mental health and the death of loved ones are not discussed together. It’s difficult to comprehend that mental anguish and the loss of loved ones, employment, and the aftermath of the covid are considerably less compared to the mental health and distress that the global population is experiencing. The effects will likely stay unaddressed as part of medical convalescence standards and protocols, which finish with drugs, pulmonary and limb activity, and periodic biochemical tests as the only necessary follow-ups.

According to a new study, nearly 20% of COVID-19 patients acquired a mental health concern within three months of diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety, or dementia.
Researchers looked at the health records of 69 million Americans, including over 62,000 persons who had been diagnosed with COVID-19.
COVID-19 has long been suspected of being associated to greater incidence of mental illness by doctors.
According to a new study from the United Kingdom, those who were infected with COVID-19 had a high risk of getting a psychological condition after they recovered.

According to the reportTrusted Source published in The Lancet on November 9, 18% of COVID-19 patients acquired a mental health concern within 3 months of diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety, or dementia. When compared to persons who did not have COVID-19, their risk was doubled.

“Recovering from COVID can take months, which can have a number of issues, such as difficulty returning to work, caring for children, or resuming one’s ‘normal’ routines,” according to the CDC.

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