1. Being “Awake” means knowing about the Occult, and understanding that there are both Light and Dark aspects to it.
  2. Being “Awake” means knowing that Truth is singular, objective, and exists independently of our perceptions of it.
  3. Being “Awake” means knowing the True Self and understanding its connection to All.
  4. Being “Awake” means knowing that neither the Physical nor Spiritual realities take precedence over each other.
  5. Being “Awake” means being out of Ego-Identification and Ego-Attachment.
  6. Being “Awake” means exercising discernment and judgement.
  7. Being “Awake” means being mentally free of all False Religions.
  8. Being “Awake” means knowing there is no such thing as Knowledge which is “negative.”
  9. Being “Awake” means knowing the causal factors that have led to the current Human Condition.
  10. Being “Awake” means understanding and living in harmony with Natural Law.
  11. Being “Awake” means knowing and living both Pillars of Enlightenment.
  12. Being “Awake” means knowing that “Authority” is an illegitimate illusion, and that all Government is Slavery.
  13. Being “Awake” means recognizing the critical importance of Free Will and personal responsibility.
  14. Being “Awake” means knowing that the so-called “negative” emotions serve a critically important purpose.
  15. Being “Awake” means knowing that True Enlightenment is not about pursuing bliss in a world that is currently filled with suffering.
  16. Being “Awake” means knowing what True Forgiveness really means.
  17. Being “Awake” means knowing the difference between what cannot be changed and what should be changed.
  18. Being “Awake” means caring enough to take real-world action to create real-world change.
  19. Being “Awake” means knowing that True Enlightenment is not only about improving yourself, but also about influencing others to improve themselves.
  20. Being “Awake” means knowing that True Enlightenment does not equate to perfection.

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