From Detection in Pre-Poll Gujarat to Current COVID Advisory, Modi Govt’s Puzzling Response to BF.7

Because BA.2.75 was already present in India when the BF.7 sub-variant [current cause of panic] was detected [here], it did not cause a surge. That is because the former has a high survival rate and is fitter for survival in India.”

ean for the public? It’s clear that despite the many sub-variants of Omicron prevailing at different periods of the year, there has been no major uptick in terms of hospitalisation or a requirement for oxygen as was the case during the Delta variant.

In other words, some of the Omicron sub-variants, for the most part, appear to have run their course in India and been replaced by a few others. Why the government decided to issue an advisory for BF.7 alone is not clear except for a surge being witnessed in China where levels of both natural immunity and vaccination rates are low – unlike India.

As Omicron sub-variants wax and wane, there has been no change so far in disease dynamics – hospitalisation and deaths – in India.
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