Why the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Must Be Stopped by Any Means Necessary

Why the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Must Be Stopped by Any Means Necessary

While the media and government remain silent about what is happening, WCH Law and Activism Committee member James Roguski (🇺🇸) is urging people around the world to “rise up” and “say no” to the WHO’s attempted power grab.

In the latest of what has been a series of concerning developments, on February 1 the WHO published the “Zero draft of the WHO CA+ for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its fourth meeting.”

“WHO CA+” (Hookah Plus) stands for WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

“I refer to it as the Hookah Plus because they must be smoking something if they think that we, the people of the world are going to accept any portion of this proposal,” expressed Roguski in a new video report released during Monday’s General Assembly.

Visit StopTheWHO.com to learn more and be sure to catch Roguski’s upcoming presentation on Monday, February 13 at WCH General Assembly #76.

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