CBDC and its first evidence that your freedom to spend and freedom in every form is under threat for — if they control your money they control everything you own!!

Slave Handcuffs (ca.1938) by Stanley by National Gallery of Art is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Read and understand, once and for all – its coming to you in the form of CBDC.

The Bank of England is to limit each person to 20,000 digital pounds if the country goes ahead with a digital currency. Governer Jon Cunliffe has said.

This is because they don’t want you storing wealth by digital means, but they do want you using smaller sums for everyday spending, in other words everything that you normally buy being done so digitally.

Money above the cap will be “swept” into a customer’s commercial bank account, whatever that means.

But you can see from the above that they are pushing for transactions to be dealt with digitally and once in place I guarantee the cap will rise and before you know it cash is gone. For good.

It’s not a good thing by the way.


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