Green Coffee Beans EXTRACT- New Kids on the block- What are they??

NK Green Coffee Beans have lately rocked the weight management instructors, seekers and slim desiree. What are they what are the side affects and how they may affect some daily routines to creating longterm side affects and chronic ailments that you may not be able to shed, but for weight!

10 Foods That Could Worse Your Arthritis Inflammation

arthritisOriginal article by Churchil Otieno

Decrease arthritis inflammation by avoiding 10 key foods

Processed foods contain oils and sugars and refined carbohydrates that result in inflammation of the joints.

Avoiding the following foods will help decrease flare-ups and pain in the joints:
• Processed grains such as white bread
• Sugary sodas and sports drinks
• Junk food
• Foods with high fructose corn syrup ingredients
• Commercial boxed breakfast cereals
• Condiments like jams and jellies
• Juice Concentrates
• White rice and pasta made from anything other than whole grains
• Frozen sweets and dessert items
• Store-bought chips, cookies and crackers

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