7 Key Cancer Trends For 2018

Prevention is unfortunately absent from this list. Cancer prevention remains a personal priority: the best way to avoid cancer deaths, toxicity and costs of treatment, is to prevent the disease from happening

Few doctors, even oncologists who subspecialize, can keep up with developments in the field.

Is cancer a hereditary disease?

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Many a time people confuse between genetics and heredity when it comes to cancer. Cancer is a molecular disease at the level of DNA sequence that holds the story of most processes including case of cancer.

10 prevention practices for breast and ovarian cancer

“You need to find somebody you can trust. Implicit in that is somebody who actually listens to you and doesn’t brush off your concerns but addresses them.”

Confront your cancer risk with this plan

Source: 10 prevention practices for breast and ovarian cancer

Integrative therapies during and after breast cancer treatment: a clinical practice guideline – The Clinical Advisor

Evidence supports the routine use of mind-body practices, such as yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and passive music therapy, to address common mental health concerns in patients with breast cancer.

The authors developed the following graded integrative therapies for clinicians to use in patients with breast cancer according to clinical outcomes.

Source: Integrative therapies during and after breast cancer treatment: a clinical practice guideline – The Clinical Advisor

Cancer is “kicking in” on this moleskin turf!

Hundreds of footballers diagnosed with cancer ‘from field’

More than 50 Washington state soccer players have developed cancer, allegedly stemming from chemicals in the rubber field. Hundreds more around the world claim the same.

Source: Hundreds of footballers diagnosed with cancer ‘from field’ | Daily Mail Online

What is more dreadful? Cancer or heart disease? Vulnerability may differ according to sexes.

Men-vs-Women-StatisticsIn developed countries, women are well aware that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women. Nevertheless, the condition they fear most is breast cancer despite the fact that death rates from breast cancer have been falling since the 1990s.

Image Courtesy: brandongaille.com

“It may cause cancer honey”

sugar-cubes-plate“A lot of patients are told it doesn’t matter what you eat after you are diagnosed with cancer. Concrete findings from research suggests that it does matter,”

The way to find a more appropriate amount of breast and thyroid cancer is to forget about the small stuff, the tiny abnormalities.

We should look less hard for cancer!!

There’s a new cancer treatment strategy in the news: Wait and see. Time magazine ran a cover story on simply watching small breast cancers; the Wall Street Journal similarly reported on watching small thyroid cancers. So-called watchful waiting has been a long-standing option for early prostate cancers.

Source: We should look less hard for cancer – LA Times

Vitamin C and all about cancer- This video is what we implement and have gained hundreds of patients to recover to great extent or remain cancer free for a very long time.

Please consult your doctor before you take any self medication step. All the best.

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