What would be a better option in a hysterectomy, removing uterus with ovaries or without ovaries?

HysFor this one must first consider the reasons to be compulsive around the ailment that warrant a hysterectomy or others that that compels one to undergo such procedure.

Laughter is Medicine?-YES AND NO

laughterI love people who make me laugh, when i do not even want to smile!

Laughter is the best medicine. I do not dispute it. However when i see many seniors in a park front of my house each day, laughing their heart out, i am however a bit concerned. Reasons are few and simple.

Diet and Cancer- Summary of major scientific studies now available

Image Courtesy: Ijaj.com

Diets and Cancer have been severally linked. Foods may prevent and some¬†may increase your risk of getting cancer. Studies comparing diets’ risk & your genetic risk -accumulate¬†lifetime and lifestyle risk for cancers. Check the summaries here- across thousands of patients and their conclusions. (Renal Cell , Gastric, Melanoma, Ovarian and Colorectal Cancers).

Not Recommended -Routine Thyroid Testing for DysFunction in Asymptomatic OR for non pregnant women

dnaCurrently available evidence is insufficient to recommend for or against screening for thyroid dysfunction in asymptomatic adults and women who are not pregnant, according to newly updated recommendations.

The researchers and UPSTF, acknowledged that thyroid screening can identify patients who have subclinical thyroid dysfunction or undiagnosed overt thyroid disease but said more evidence is needed to understand the effects of treatment for these problems. Read more for complete description and understanding Thyroid Dysfunction..FACTS

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