Livers: What should be a recommended diet, workout and lifestyle for a patient suffering from Hepatitis/Jaundice and while recovering from the disease?

jHepatitis / Jaundice. I perceive that you are talking about hepatitis that causes jaundice? Right? Well of so my opinion is as under:

It is not only hepatitis that causes jaundice. Jaundice is a word derived from word yellow which mean that your skin and eyes appear yellowish.

Kardashian pill & 10 Things you may not need for better health in 2016

EYI 2Many of us commit to living healthier in the new year. But what does the evidence say about these commonly held ideas that we associate with better health? The CBC News Health Content Unit offers some answers. These include popping vitamin pills, app based detection and Dr Google facts, Milk, Calcium, Research outcomes, Painkillers, sugar substitutes, anti-bacterial soaps, Low fat diets, online symptom checkers and all you may immediately need to know.

Global health experts are to give guidance later on the possible health risks of red and processed meats.

Red meat cancer risk to be revealed by WHO

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