From the first soothing lullabies babies hear to the funereal dirges that accompany the deceased, music is a fixture of the human experience. (Scientific American)


ASTRO 2017: Urban Cancer Center Finds 75% of Its Patients With Depression Were Previously Undiagnosed

parasomnia“Depression prevalence continues to be high among cancer patients, especially those receiving treatment at an urban cancer center, as well as those who identify as female or are disabled by their disease. Alarmingly, most of these patients remain undiagnosed and untreated, indicating an important gap in cancer care and an opportunity to improve patient outcomes,”.

I suffer from audio and visual hallucinations, I’m under 16 and consume no harmful substances, am relatively healthy, could it be anything serious?


Simple visual hallucinations include images of unformed light, geometric shapes or designs. Complex visual hallucinations are formed images of people, animals, or scenes.

Corporate Wellness Magazine Sleep: Why Should Leadership and HR Take Notice? – Corporate Wellness Magazine

Evidence of our 24/7 culture’s impact on our sleep is showing up more and more, including at work. According to the CDC over 30% of the U.S. workforce is not getting the sleep they need and sleep deprivation is a public health epidemic.1 It’s becoming increasingly clear that insufficient sleep is not sustainable. Be it at work or at home, employees and employers are taking notice. Research has provided mounting evidence that sleep deprivation has a significant economic cost, playing havoc with the bottom line. According to the RAND Europe report, up to $411 billion of economic output is lost every year in the U.S. due […]

Source: Corporate Wellness Magazine Sleep: Why Should Leadership and HR Take Notice? – Corporate Wellness Magazine

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