Eric Clapton: “I can’t sleep because of the pain…the vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around”Watch now (7 min) | Eric Clapton bravely discusses his neurological COVID-19 vaccine injuries!

Queensland, Australia: Senator Malcolm Roberts on the WHO’s Tyrannical Power Grab:

The WHO is demanding the power to dictate health policy in Australia and throughout the world with:

  • compulsory big pharma mystery cocktail injections
  • lockdowns
  • business shutdowns and border closures
  • the imprisonment of those who won’t comply

Tedros, Ba’al Gates and their big pharma masters want a world communist tyranny with mandatory depopulation injections. And we are the ones to stop them. Buckle Up!

Shocking WHO pandemic treaty updateIn a rare win, the World Health Organisation has backed down on proposed International Health Regulation amendments for compulsory vaccination and lockdowns.

Liver findings point to need for caution when using drugs 

The study discovered that drugs initially used in the treatment of Covid-19 such as hydroxychloroquine, low-molecular-weight heparin, and ivermectin, were found in many with deranged LFTs. Other drugs, including methylprednisolone, tocilizumab, antivirals like remdesivir, favipiravir, and lopinavir-ritonavir combination, were also associated with abnormal LFTS.

“These findings underscore the need for caution when using these medicines and the importance of close monitoring of liver function during treatment!

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