Genetic Heterogeneity in Lung Cancer Tumors: New research adds important knowledge that could help understanding of best ways to identify, treat lung cancer. – CLN Stat


Genetic Heterogeneity in Lung Cancer Tumors: New research adds important knowledge that could help understanding of best ways to identify, treat lung cancer. – CLN Stat.

Breast implants may cause cancer, says study

Source DNA news: This not only affects the desirables to have the cosmetic affect for a seeker even the breast cancer survivors who may want to have a reconstruction for such reasons of cosmetology, should think twice before it si considered when it is a aggressive form of Breast Cancer (Tripple Negative type) and there may be a problem associated with radiation therapy. Side and location is also to be considered. All women should take this as a MUST MUST take home message!

HIV May have a faster way to its killer vaccines

Source News: 9 Oct 2014:

New research that sheds light on the methods and machinery used by HIV to infect cells provides insight into the tricky virus that…

Scientist are working to contain this dreaded ailment which in itself is not an ailment, but a condition that would reduce the immunity of a person affected with the virus, such that he/she may contract any other external invasive virus attack in the shortest possible time of exposure!

Dr Puneet Chandna


Dr. Puneet Chandna – a PhD in biophysics is having over 2 decades of experience in the Bio Analytical sphere.

His continuous endeavors and passion to learn helped him to qualify in multi disciplines of his extended study and practice. These include certifications for expert evaluation, prognosis & management of symptoms and side effects in the field of Cardiology, Oncology, Diabetes & Nutrition etc., from several institutes to include leading international centers such as Harvard Medical School, UCLA, OHIO State University & University of Pennsylvania to name a few.

He is a working partner and collaborator at TMH Mumbai, national comprehensive cancer centre for the prevention, treatment, education and research in Cancer and is recognised as one of the leading cancer centres in this part of the world.

Every year nearly 43,000 new patients visit the clinics from all over India and neighbouring countries. Nearly 60% of these cancer patients receive primary care at the Hospital of which over 70% are treated almost free of any charges. Over 1000 patients attend the OPD daily for medical advice, comprehensive care or for follow-up treatment.

In year 2005, he was awarded M.D. (h.c.), under expert consults . Awarded for work at public health services sites yielding empiricist discovery of molecular variants in cardiac ion channelopathies in patients with Idiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation (without Brugada ECG changes) and LQTS3.

Besides a certified stroke scale specialist (AHA), he continues as a fellow at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network & professional member at the American Heart Association. He is council member and expert consult to many international societies and author to over 32 publications.

Consultant Quality Standards and Testing to Govt. Of India, Member of several councils and a senior member at the Indian, Association of Biotech Lead Enterprises.

Bestowed recently, by the advisor to the Govt and Union Minister Sh. Oscar Fernandez for his excellence in healthcare management for year 2012 and 2013 in a row. He also a proud recipient of the the coveted Udyod – Rattan Award and a Six Sigma specialist under the Motorola University.

He currently holds the position of Managing Director and member of the board at AceProbe Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. that operates in the niche segment of Life Sciences with its offerings in Next Generation Genetic Analysis Platforms, Research Services and Molecular Diagnostics.

He has lead several administrative roles successfully, to include a long stint at Wipro and associations with many corporate sectors companies like Hewlett Packard (Agilent), Siemens, Bruker, Beckman-Coulter & Sequenom to name a few leaders in the Life Sciences and allied industry.

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