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2 thoughts on “QUERIES AT YOUR CLICK

  1. Sumithra


    I am sumithra from Hyderabad. Is there any test available in India to diagnose leakygut ? If so, could you please send me the details.

    Awaiting your response



    • Leaky GUT: is mainly associated with a condition, which is essentially not a disease but a syndrome. Common symptoms as you may have read extensively on the web, having symptoms such as, bloating, Cramps, Food sensitivities or aches and pains that are chronic over a period of time. Irritable bowel syndrome and PUD or an acidity complaint shall help get closer to a suspect with Leaky Gut as we may call it or evaluated at times for the Crohn’s disease or celiac disease.
      However, short bowel syndrome amongst others is the most closely identified situation, which may need any intervention. Please note children and adults need to be treated or evaluated separately. We need to have more details before this advise could be taken as a specific report oral universal phenomena.

      Now for detection of short bowel syndrome: Because symptoms may be absent or mimic other diseases, a routine battery of blood tests is often helpful as an initial step when malabsorption is suspected. Blood tests alone cannot establish a diagnosis of malabsorption but can provide supportive evidence.

      Thus, optimal strategies for diagnosis are still evolving. An approach to patients with suspected malabsorption was proposed in a guideline issued by the World Organisation of Gastroenterology (www.omge.org/globalguidelines/guide03/guideline3.htm).

      Several invasive and noninvasive tests are available to establish the cause of malabsorption. The malabsorption of fat is the most commonly used indicator of global malabsorption for two reasons: (1) among the macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, and protein), the process by which fat is absorbed is the most complex and, therefore, it tends to be the most sensitive to interference from disease processes; and (2) it is the most calorically dense macronutrient and, therefore, its malabsorption is a critical factor in the weight loss that often accompanies malabsorptive disorders. If the history suggests a particular cause, testing can be directed to confirm the diagnosis. Endoscopy, Barium Imaging are a few tests that are also used, but need to be very selectively used as these are also invasive.


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