Cancer & BRCA1 gene: Genetic Screening Helps Woman Give Birth Without BRCA1 Mutation

Pre implantation genetic testing helps Bengaluru woman with BRCA 1 gene mutation end cycle of cancer in her family.

Source: Cancer & BRCA1 gene: Genetic Screening Helps Woman Give Birth Without BRCA1 Mutation

Many doctors discouraging HPV vaccination, study finds

Many doctors discouraging HPV vaccination, study finds

Vaccination against human papillomavirus is deemed crucial for protection against certain cancers, but some parents choose not to get their child vaccinated against the virus. Now, a new study suggests the decision to avoid vaccination may largely be down to discouragement from doctors.
[HPV vaccine]
The researchers found that 27% of doctors surveyed said they do not strongly endorse HPV vaccination.

There is only one way to live- it is to live daringly, dangerously and courageously.

daringLately some Ted talk discussions, led me to quickly download a book, “ Daring Greatly” by B Brown. No doubt this is a great book that actually helps understand not alone, how we behave, but also how we think and analyse situations around us. But there is More…..

FLU-Information for a common understanding

fluThe flu is an infection that can cause fever, cough, body aches, and other symptoms. There are different forms of the flu, including the “seasonal” flu, the 2009-2010 pandemic H1N1 flu (also called the “swine” flu), and the bird flu. All forms of the flu are caused by viruses. The medical term for the flu is “influenza.”

To avoid exposure you can:

Wash your hands often with soap and water, or use alcohol hand rubs

Stay away from people you know are sick

Get the flu vaccine every year

This may not sound good- this study reveals pregnant women who carried female fetus higher blood glucose levels than those who carried a male fetus.

boys vsgirlsA study in Diabetes Care revealed pregnant women who carried a male had lower beta-cell function and higher blood glucose levels than those who carried a female fetus. Researchers also found significantly higher odds of gestational diabetes among women who carried a male fetus, particularly among older and non-white women.

Study of DNA of athletes confirms-The Secret to a Healthy Heart May Lie in the Genes

atheleteAt Euan Ashley’s lab in Palo Alto, the director of Stanford’s Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease has gathered DNA from 200 world-class runners, skiers and other athletes after hooking them up to a brutal exercise test to separate the best. He plans to eventually sequence DNA from more than a thousand of the world’s fittest people.

Long Sleep Duration May Signal Increased Stroke Risk

long sleepA new study has shown a J-shaped relationship between sleep duration and future stroke risk, with a particularly strong signal associated with long sleep duration.

Investigators at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom found that short sleep was associated with an 18% increased stroke risk (not statistically significant), and long sleep was associated with a 46% increase in stroke risk after adjustment for conventional cardiovascular disease risk factors and comorbidities.

Yoga and alchemy

pranayamFrom the natural news:

Of all yoga practices known to me so far, pranayama is my favorite. And of all the pranayama practices, Ujjayi tops the list. Here’s why: The word Ujjay means victorious in Sanskrit. One is not entirely certain why this particular pranayama has been named as such, but I imagine it generates so much prana, one has little choice but to conquer disease with it. And precisely because of the high energy state of mind that results from the practice of Ujjayi, it is also been given the name psychic breath.

Today, a report from a panel of the nation’s top nutrition experts urged Americans to adopt healthier eating habits and reduce the sodium they eat.

Clarissa Garcia, American Heart Association shared a link with me today on a report regarding salt intake and the primary take home message is, ” It described a healthy eating pattern as rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish/seafood, legumes, and nuts; moderate in non- and low-fat dairy products and alcohol; lower in red and processed meats; and low in sugar-sweetened foods and beverages and refined grains (i.e., grains that are stripped of some of their nutrients and thus are not whole grains).”

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